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Bella Plasma Aesthetics

We provide the safest and most effective aetsthetic treatments available:

Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment, aka the 'non-surgical face and body lift'


Collagen-boosting treatments using High Frequency argon gas

Acne-bustin' High Frequency neon gas treatment with Manuka, PP & MN

Dermoscopy, Photography & Photoshoots

Soothing CBD, Avocado Oil & Aloe Vera Facial

Pure Manuka Honey Glow Facial

Available both in person and online via Fresha:

Deluxe freehand nail art & stamping service

Skin, hair & nail consultations using dermoscopy

from samples collected by/sent to us

Skin, hair & nail care remote advice service

Bespoke Growth & Repair kits for hair and nails

Salon appointments available daily from 10am-8pm

Lynch Lane Treatment Rooms and Clinics

79 Lynch Lane, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9DW

Please book via Fresha, or simply call us.​​

Our mobile service covers the Westcountry, London, the UK and Europe

We hold worldwide insurance, exc. in the USA & Canada.

Contact us to discuss any queries with a member of our friendly professional team,  call us on +447774706795 or email:

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Price List
Plasma Pen & Facials


Fibroblast / Plasma Pen Lift 

£350 Forehead lift / lines 

£200 Drooping eyelids, bags, crow's feet (each 

£450 Full eye area rejuvenation (all 3 areas)

£450 Nasolabial folds or marionette lines 

£120 Mouth area / smoker's lines / lip flip

£1,000 Full non-surgical facelift

£350 Jawline tightening  

£1,800 Non-surgical face lift - entire face

£350 Neck lift inc. banding & jowls

£350 Crepey skin on decolletage or bust area

£800 Full firming breast or butt lift

£800 Full tummy tcuk inc. stretch mark removal

£250 Skin tightening on hands, elbows or knees 

£150 Acne treatment with high frequency argon 

£50 Scar, stretch mark or mole removal (from) 

£120 Spider veins / thread veins treatment (from)

£250 hair loss or thick hair growth treatment 

* both sides are treated   


1.5hr luxury Massage facial, inc: 

£120 Microneedling - face or body (from)

£120 High frequency argon and neon gas

£150 Fractional tip Plasma Pen - face & decolletage 

£250 Dermoscopy, facial, nail art and photoshoot Price List +447774706795

About Our Treatments

Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment vastly improvies skin's overall texture by reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging, scarring + more. Treatment takes from a couple of hours (including being numbed with topical cream), and the stunning rejuvenating skin lifting and tightening effects last for many years, instead of mere weeks/months...


It is performed via a device which has various tips and needles that create a tiny plasma arc when it nears pre-numbed skin. So, the tips don't penetrate your skin, they barely skim it, the plasma arc does though when the tip is around 1mm away. The hundreds (or thousands) of precise micro-injuries look like tiny reddish-brown dots and they cause and an instant shrinking effect. The ensuing 'healing cascade' also initially produces some localised swelling, plus perhaps some very light bleeding. The expertly-placed 'dots' will then crust and naturally fall away within just a few days, revealing the fresh new skin which has formed below, and new tissues, including collagen, will carry forming for many weeks and months to come, beautifully plumping skin from deep inside, renewing its youthfulness and overall texture. 

Microneedling Treatment is performed via manual derma stamps and rollers which penetrate pre-numbed skin with100s of tiny titanium needles measuring from only 0.25mm deep, which also safely induces natural collagen production much in the same way as Plasma Pen treatment. If it's your first treatment, your skin may look slightly flushed/rosy for a day or so afterwards, and the top layer of skin may also flake prior to fresh new skin being revealed.


It's a great option for younger clients who wish to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, plus it effectively treats stretch marks and scarring, while scalp microneedling treatment stimulates new hair growth, which can be combined with regular at-home scalp treatments using diluted rosemary oil around two weeks post-treatment.


Either option is much safer than having plastic surgery or having Botox and/or fillers injected into your skin, and they are also far cheaper overall because repeat treatments are rarely required. Unless skin is extremely lax, both treatments are now many cosmetic surgeons' first choice of treatment, simply because they are the safest and most effective methods.

To treat acne, we provide Deluxe High Frequency & Manuka Facials + a combination of the above treatments.

Strong sunlight must be avoided + sunblock must be applied for three months post-PP & MN treatment.

We hold university-level qualifications in healthcare + we trained in aesthetics at two of the UK's finest training academies. We believe in natural beauty and that we can make you look your very best without using any Botox or fillers and without putting your health nor finances at risk. We deliver startling results that are comparable to traditional plastic surgery, which is why Plasma Pen and microneedling are now many plastic surgeons' preferred form of treatment.

​​We provide low-cost treatments for scarring or eyelid drooping, we offer a 25% discount on treatments to NHS & care staff + we are currently offering up to 50% off to clients who allow us to share pics & vids for marketing purposes.

We also pay generous cash commission on referrals from NHS staff, our clients, the public and afilliate promoters.​


If you have any questions, don't be shy - maintaining skin health isn't vain - it's vital to both your physical and mental health & wellbeing so please don't hesitate to contact us to speak to a member of our friendly professional team.​​

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