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Microneedling - Face, Scalp & Body

Rejuvenating Collagen Induction Treatment

  • 100 British pounds
  • Lynch Lane

Service Description

Microneedling helps to generate new skin collagen in much the same manner as Plasma Pen treatment, and the remarkable effects also last for many months, if not years, but it takes less time to carry out (up to 2 hours), and it's less noticeable post-treatment. When you arrive, we'll prep your skin by cleansing and numbing it with cream. Then, a microneedling device which has hundreds of tiny titanium needles measuring between 0.25mm to 2mm is pressed into your skin + we use also a small derma stamp to reach fragile areas. Your skin will look pink/flushed for around a day, and if it's your first treatment, your topmost layer of old skin may flake and shed for a few days before shiny brand-new skin is revealed. Over the next few weeks, new collagen will keep forming in deeper skin layers, which very nicely plumps, tightens and lifts the skin, improving its overall texture and markedly reducing wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks, acne, scarring and sagging skin. Microneedling promotes new hair growth, even on bald patches. Prior to treatment, we investigate the reasons for hair loss via a questionaire and we inspect the scapl using a digital dermoscope with high magnification. We may then recommend a course of prescription-strength or natural bespoke products to apply at home to achieve optimal effects fast. Microneedling is a great option if you only have fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and imperfections rather than sagging or mature skin. In that case, microneedling is often performed weeks prior to targeted Plasma Pen treatment. We only offer the safest and most effective aesthetic treatments which trigger collagen induction, hence, we do not use electrical microneedling devices because they are spring loaded, which can cause extensive bruising, scarring and granulomas. We don't offer RF microneedling or BB Glow facials either as we do not inject any cosmetics, chemicals, dyes or blood/plasma (for PRP/Vampire facials) into our clients' skin during any of our treatments. Microneedling treatment shouldn't be carried out frequently, the skill is in knowing how to carry out the treatment at the correct depth, which differs according to the contours of your face, or the body area(s) being treated, also, it's knowing which areas to avoid, such as the nose area. We find that one treatment carried out at the correct depth is usually ample, but a course of treatments is sometimes required.

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