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Acne Treatment - Face, Back or Neck

Combined HF, Plasma Pen, Clay & Manuka Honey Treatment

  • 150 British pounds
  • Lynch Lane

Service Description

To treat severe or stubborn acne, we assess skin our client's skin with the aid of a digital dermatoscope and we then use a a combination of safe and innovative treatments . For milder acne, please check out our deluxe facials. Skin is cleansed with a warming purifying clay mask which helps to loosen and draw out impurities, and we then treat the entire area using Plasma Pen fractional tips + high frequency neon gas wands, then a soothing zit-bustin' Manuka honey mask treatment is applied. If necessary, stubborn acne, blackheads and pitted areas are also 'sprayed' with a fine plasma jet, both vapourizing and cauterising them, in this case, your skin will likely need to be numbed prior to treatment. Depending on the severity of the acne being treated, treatment may need to be repeated and when yourskin has settled, you may opt for other treatments to help to further improve and smooth skin texture, such as microneedling, which we don't perform on active acne, but which greatly reduces any scarring and pitting caused by acne. High frequency treatment plumps skin just like Plasma Pen or Microneedling Treatment does, but for those with laxer skin, a course of high-frequency treatments may be required to achieve optimal effect, so, it's ideal for younger clients, for clients who want fuller lips and for those who wish to try our simplest collagen induction treatment first. During the treatment, glass wands containing naturally occurring noble gases are swept across the skin, with argon gas stimulating collagen production and neon gas eliminating microbes and impurities, which greatly helps to combat acne. As the wand nears your skin, both produce ozone gas which is the nice smell produced in the atmosphere after a downpour. A zapping noise is also emitted so you'll feel a slight buzz upon initial skin contact, but the treatment is completely painless and rather fun to experience. To attain or maintain great skin, we recommend that you book a course of regular deluxe facials, followed by occasional booster sessions every few months. Face & neck area treatment costs £80 and £180 for the back area.

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